La cucina ticinese

Live comfortably

People who want to live unconventionally but have minimal space must expand the limitations of their own power of imagination and fully unleash their fantasy. After all, who wants to live without comfort?

Podium Industries has redesigned the loft so that you have everything you need on two floors. The full-height windows and the absence of partitions make the room a duplex as well as bright and visually more spacious. “The homeowners are often creative, dynamic people themselves. They want to build a house that is completely tailored to their own tastes. ” This results in a loft with an ambiance that hints at the social nature of its inhabitants. The furnishings are consciously designed according to their ideas and material preferences. This kitchen has a white bookshelf, a gray-white wall, and a ceiling made from baseboards. Neutral, cool tones dominate the kitchen, such as the hand-made tabletop made from rippled solid wood, the beige-gray wall units with folding doors, and the anthracite base cabinets. The colored back wall has a steel-gray metallic look and is jazzed up with a grouting technique.

Design in Ticino

Podium has always dealt with custom furniture projects by focusing on combining technical with functional precision, innovation of forms with space innovation, in order to produce not only equipment and furniture but new conceptions of environments where to cook and live.

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