La cucina ticinese

Ecological kitchen

Since in our environment everythingis interwoven and interdependent, important principles should be giventhe greatest respect in daily life. Resource-saving manufacturing andprocessing of ecological materials arekey issues for Podium live. We adhereto this approach consistently in allsteps, all the way up to the traditionalproduction method, and it shows.

This topic is also gaining in importancefor homeowners of all generations.For this reason, these essential issuestake on a key role in the offerings ofPodium live. For ecological kitchens, the focus is onthe following criteria: minimum useof raw materials, recyclability of thematerials, using wood from certifiedforests, using water-based colors,non-toxic elements, no or minimalformaldehyde emission, and deviceswith low energy consumption. Podiumis aware of its responsibility towardssociety and the environment. All of the above criteria are met in thiskitchen unit with island, which usesrecycled aluminum and glass displaycases, in which the corpus walls areoptionally manufactured with plywoodon the inside. Details of the front profiles ofdrawers and doors. The profile is available in differentdesigns: either in a contrast coloror in the colors of the fronts.

The interior space

The interior of the drawers is fittedwith wooden separator trays forsilverware and kitchen utensils. The solution with the inside drawerand bread cutting container isalso practical. This keeps both thebread and the crumbs inside thecontainer. The interior space can beadapted without interrupting theline of the facade.

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